from a lay person

Dear Friend, as you have seen with your eyes, social situation is not so good in brazil. It's a hard life here. Life here don't worth nothing, too many violence; it's too easy die here so hard survive; people live scared, like prisoners in their homes. They don't trust in others. No one trust in no one. That is the result of a criminal political administration, producing poverty, fear, violence, depression, a lot of negative energies. It happens in all of Brazil not only in NorthEast region. But here, people is abandoned to their destinies. "Your work, it wasn't a simply medical treatment, it was a human contact, the way you touch them. After the treatment they felt happy and not only wellness. The secret is in the human contact, a person share good vibrations, good energies with other persons through the hands. They feel this at the end, good feelings and energies. To know that exist a person doing that, free, without any payment, just to do wellness for them, hope reborn.

I hope a day, people like you will establish here to give them this great present of love, like a mission of life. It will be people helping you and many people against you; it will be not so easy, but we will help you because I want see this people smiling of love. Think about it; you are necessary more here than in USA because here it doesn't exit practice love with power of hands.

If you will want to do this beautiful experience we will help you."

(note: the above message is from an Italian, now living in Brasil, who translated for a few days during the 2004 mission)