Poem: There's a Place of Light

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Poem: There's a Place of Light

There’s a Place of Light…

There is a place I know where a spirit shines bright.
As this one accepts the task and enters the fight
To remove the subluxations of life that hinder the flow
Of messages from within that would allow the soul to glow.

A place where truth is sought after, then taught,
Where crippling paralysis caused by fear is fought.
A place to discover there’s so much more to gain
From vertebral adjustments than removal of pain.

A place where interFearence is removed from the mind and the spine,
Facilitating full self-expression, and communication down the life-line.
It’s a place where Principled ChiropracTIC aid is supplied
In order that the Universe and our Innate will be allied.

Where knowledge is shared to allow clearer insight,
And support and assistance is given to align with the light.
It’s a place that begins at the beginning by opening the door
Closed in the spine that locks the spirit deep down in the core.

A place where a soul with a mission to help the world resides;
And a promise of healing, well-being, and hope for our future abides.
You know, it’s a wonderful place filled with the warmth of caring, and love,
And the gift of an unobstructed pathway for the light from above.

With this, I give thanks to the universe for leading me to this place,
And love to the so very special spirit whose energy empowers this space!

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