Thank you for choosing to support AdJustWorld via your donation.
As a way of saying thank you we'll send you awesome music as a gift
The way it works is you make a donation (via the donation link on this page
and you will receive music as a form of gratitude
for your donation. The bigger the donation, the more the music.

At present there are 27 physical cd's worth of awesome music (almost 500 songs).
All donations go towards fulfilling the mission and vision of AdJustWorld, Inc.
Music is package as gifts for suggested donations like this
1-5 cd's $90
6-10 cd's $160
11-15 cd's $180
16-20 cd's $200
20-25 cd's $225
all 27'cds $245
(18.9 gb of music -over 460 songs)

since online music averages $1.29 per song (itunes) - which would cost you over $593 for the set, how about a huge discount of $339.
You can have the whole collection for donation of only $245!
that's like 50c /song
you get great music and the donations are going to a great cause -Win-Win

best way to pay is to go to the donation link 'make a donation'
once we receive the donation you'll receive a link for your downloads.
if you prefer physical cds we can arrange that as well but there is an added fee for shipping and handling

thanks for supporting adjustworld
Lou Corleto, D.C.
CEO AdJustWorld, Inc