Mission Statement

AdJustWorld’s intention, is to assist people in reconnecting with the Source of all Life. We know that by helping people to re-member who they are (Divine Beings), they will choose to express greater levels of Love towards themselves and their fellow Human Beings. We will make higher conscious choices about our “internal environment” (our Temple of Spirit) which will automatically change our choices toward our external environment. The main way we accomplish this intention is by teaching and applying vitalistic philosophy via Pure ChiropracTIC.

Through the many stressors of life from – entering the world (Birthing process) to leaving this world (Dying process) there are many experiences that we perceive to be too much to handle, and we store them in our bodies. They “clog” our receptive antennas and interfere with the flow of Abundant Life Energy.
Through the adjustment process we can clear the interference and allow Life to flow as it was intended. We then grow and learn from those lessons and evolve consciously.

AdJustWorld, INC.

We were given the name AdJustWorld spelled as is because it holds the space for the three inherent intentions. Three is a sacred number holding the trinity in its nature and the first number to create shape in the universe- the triangle=triunity: in this case people, planet and spirit.

So AdJustWorld means:
Adding– Justice- to the World
To create A- Just- World
accomplished by Adjusting the World

A vision was shown of a way to assist in bringing Peace to the World.
There is an ancient saying “As within so with out”.
It has been said that “we will never get any closer to God than we already are, we only need to improve our awareness of our connection”.

The following is what the recipients of our service read in thier

native language before they are served!

What you are receiving is a gift from God. Chiropractic was given to humanity to assist us in making a greater connection to the source of life. Through receiving the Adjustment you will open up and remove any interference to the transmission of healing energy (love) that flows from above down inside and out. As this happens you will experience more ease, peace, health, abundance, and joy. The people that are serving you have been given a gift and want to share it with you. They are here on their own accord and have a single purpose, to assist the world to heal. They know that through sharing their gift they too will be healed.

The adjustment is performed by laying on of hands to the spine (which protects your life line -- brain and spinal cord). The alignment will allow you to express your full potential as a human being -- a child of God.

Please share this message with all the people you love. Have them come and receive the Adjustments. We thank you for allowing us to serve you in this most sacred way.

Lou Corleto, chiropracTOR